Raafat Hattab was born in Jaffa (1981) to a muslim family, and grew up in a french school and later in a jewish school. The various cultures he was exposed to and grew up within during his childhood and youth left a deep impressions to be reflected in his multi layered Art works. Hattab is a multidisciplinary artist works in Performance, Installation, Video and Photography, and uses each medium as a mean to explore and research his multiple identities related to the others.


Hattab Graduated H”amidrash” - school for Art, and holds a B.E.D.F.A certificate. In 2015 Hattab graduated the M.F.A programe of Bezalel - Academy for Art And design. He also hold a certificate For Graphic Design from Studio 6B in Tel-aviv. 

Hattab believes that Art is a mean witch enable him to examine his existence as individual and as being part of humanity. What started as a personal journey of deconstructing the components of his identities transformed through time to a research that examines the essence of non-belonging, and non-attachment. He believes the artistic practice can uplift the mind to the the spiritual realm and be reflected to the viewers through objects seeking ideals of order, balance and harmony.

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