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Me and you – On checks and balances inspired by H.N. Bialik’s poem See Saw

Group Exhibition, Bialik House, Tel-Aviv, 2018

Curator - Smadar Sheffi

"Hattab’s translation of “You and me / both of us balanced / on the scale” into Arabic calligraphy forms a laser-cut wood puzzle inviting visitors to play with it. Odin’s Tree – Between Heaven and Earth, made of textile and metal, refers to an in-between place in which equality can exist, since it is doubtful it can exist anywhere else. He refers to the figure of the ancient Norse god Odin, god of war, poetry and wisdom. Creativity grows from polarities."

Smadar Sheffi 

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“The work of Raafat Hattab, inspired by the subject of balance: 

Balance between the artistic work , the house itself and its particular inner decor. The balance between the architecture of the house and the surrounding natural Middle Eastern garden.”

Dr. Dorit Kedar

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