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The making of art is a process of conscious and spiritual development. I tend to use art as an instrument with which I examine my life as an individual, and as a member of the human race.


The process of making art is a continuous journey, where I disassemble and reassemble my accumulated knowledge and experiences. Through my work, I strive to engage in a dialogue with the viewer, one that evokes a sense of contemplative wonder of the world around us. In a sense the viewer participates in an artistic process that examines belongingness and its implications.

Through my work, I raise questions as to the roles of both the work of art and of the artist. I use my art as a medium for the transformation of perception, as a discourse to stimulate awareness and, hopefully, to change patterns of consciousness.

My art draws from philosophy, theology, mythologies, and from Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious texts, to create a reexamining of historical events. The starting point of any of my works is a specific geographical location, and the inherent characteristics of that particular location. My work seeks to connect with energy centers located in a particular space and to use these centers as a kind of conduit, or channel that allows new energy to flow to the place itself, as well as to the viewer.

Through my art, I aspire to stimulate a discourse around vital issues of the hour, by divorcing them from their political, national, social and media driven contexts, and bringing them back to the public, in an artistic space.


he belief that art plays an important role and interweaves in all aspects of life puts the object in the center of the discourse, awakening the viewer consciousness.

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